Mixing it up with different styles

As you may know, my roots are African (I was born in the Ivory Coast). The rich, historic culture of my parents is still very present in my life, and it is something I enjoy.

This is also true for my taste in fashion. I love to mix up my daily outfits with traditional African wardrobe pieces. I think that the colorful, flower-filled African patterns match my style perfectly. It fills me with joy every time I look at shirts, trousers or other items with traditional African flair. And when I put them on, I love what I see in the mirror.

The t-shirt I am wearing in the picture has been bought on one of my numerous trips to the Ivory Coast. It is a limited edition piece crafted by a talented local designer, and it is completely unique.

Like always, I add accessories to my outfits. With this one, I am wearing bracelets.

You might have noticed that I often wear apparel from the Deuce Brand. I love the clothing company and everything it produces. In fact, I love Deuce Brand clothes so much that I actually became a part of the company by investing in it. For me, this is an interesting adventure I’m particularly proud of. I am sure everyone will love the company’s clothes, from young to old! Unfortunately, these bracelets are not yet available in Europe, but just hang on, they will be soon!

Outfit elements


Deuce Wristbands


Traditional African Shirt

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